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Gelli’s Land

Gelli has around 21 acres of land stretching through the valley, bordered by a river on one side. We’ve rewilded a lot of the land and created a wildlife haven (read more about the wildlife here). This could be returned to grazing if desired.

Three large fields are left to long grass, with tracks mown through them. The grass varieties have increased over the past decade and they look beautiful in late summer. We’ve planted hundreds of different small trees, mostly to attract wildlife, but also a range of apple trees for cider.

There are currently tracks to wander along, throughout the land. There are so many places to enjoy the superb views, both down in the valley or up on the hillside. We’ve enjoyed picnics by the river and on the hills, with kites soaring overhead and swallows flying low through the fields. ‘Bobbin’ the robin often meets us on our walks and comes to our hand for some treats.

There’s a few streams on the land taking water to the river, and a pond which can be seen from the house, with an island where the wild ducks sometimes nest. The otters also visit the pond, especially in toad-spawning season, along with the heron and buzzard. In summer, we have dragonflies, darters and a lot of other pond-life.

The hillside has bramble, gorse, trees and wildflowers, with tracks to follow to enjoy the scenery. The top track in Far Meadow is lovely in the spring and summer, with bluebells and campion. The track above Near Meadow and the Drive has stunning views and is bordered by patches of colourful rosebay willowherb and so many foxgloves.

The neighbouring land is currently used for grazing, hay and a new woodland, so it’s very rare that we see anyone in the distant fields. It’s just you & the wildlife!

There’s more about Gelli’s wonderful wildlife on the Wildlife page, and take a look the Veggie page to find out about the veggie patch, polytunnel and greenhouses. You can also follow Gelli on Facebook and see footage of the otters, kingfishers, foxcubs and other wildlife on Youtube.